JH5200: Thermocouple Input Transmitter
JH5210: Thermocouple Input Transmitter (Linearized)

  • Available for All Thermocouple Types
  • Linearized Option Available
  • Upscale Burnout Standard, Downscale Optional
  • Automatic Cold-Junction Compensation
  • Quick-Check Red/Green Output LEDs.
  • High Speed "Option HS" Available
  • DIN-Rail Mount, 1 Inch Wide
  • AC or DC Power Options



The Model JH5200 Thermocouple Input Transmitter provides an isolated DC output proportional to a thermocouple input. Output is linear with millivolt input. Automatic cold junction compensation and a low-drift input amplifier maintain accuracy under varying ambient conditions.

Red-green Quick-Check LEDs give a quick indication of the relative output. Red is brighter at the low end, green at high, while at mid-scale both are approximately equal. Red-only indicates offscale low while green-only indicates offscale high.

Standard transmitters include filtering to smooth measurements and minimize noise pickup. When fast response is needed, Option HS speeds the response time to approximately 1 millisecond. Other response speeds are available on special order.

Available options include AC and DC power choices, reverse-acting transmitter (decreasing output with increasing input) and downscale burnout indication (upscale is standard).


Model Number:  Specify JH5200 (standard) or JH5210 (linearized).                                                                               Add suffix, "A" (for example, JH5200A) for AC power, or "D" for DC power.
Thermocouple:  Specify any standard thermocouple type (E, J, K, T, R, S, B or N), or contact factory for others.
Input Range:  Specify range required in deg. C or deg. F. (See Specifications for input capabilities.)
Burnout Indication:  Upscale burnout indication is standard. (Output goes high if thermocouple input opens.) If downscale indication is required, specify "Downscale Burnout" on your order.
Output Range:  Specify any DC voltage or current range allowed by the "Output Capabilities" spec, below.
Power:  Specify 115Vac, 230Vac, 12Vdc or 24Vdc.
Reverse-Acting Transmitter (decreasing output with increasing input) Change last digit of the model number to 1 (for example, JH5201A).
Loop-Powered Output:  4/20mA "current sink" output stage for connection to devices whose inputs provide 24Vdc loop excitation. Change the last digit of the model number to 2 (for example, JH5202A).
High Speed Response:  

Approximately 1 msec (See Specifications). Specify Option HS.

Urethane Coating:  Specify Option U.

Model JH5200/JH5210 snaps onto 35mm DIN rail. Connections are made to the front-panel terminals. The terminal strip unplugs to facilitate calibrating or replacing the transmitter.

Connections to the 8 terminals (top to bottom) are:
  Thermocouple plus.
  Thermocouple minus.
        (Note: On most thermocouples, red is minus.)
  No connection.
No connection.
Output plus.
Output minus.
Power (AC or, if DC power option, DC plus).
Power (AC or, if DC power option, DC minus).


Input Thermocouple:  Available for types E, J, K, T, R, S, B or N. Contact factory for others.
Input Capabilities:  Any span 4mV or higher. (4mV equals 100 deg. C for type K thermocouple.) Offset ranges are allowed.
Voltage Output Capabilities:  1 volt minimum output span, -10 to +15V absolute limit. Offset ranges are allowed. Maximum output load, 10mA (1Kohm at 10V output).
Current Output Capabilities:  1mA minimum output span, 0 to +25mA absolute limit. Positive offsets are allowed, negative outputs are not. Output drive capability, 24V (1,200 ohms max. at 20mA output).
Accuracy (end-point, factory calibration) +/-0.1% of span. On low input spans, +/-0.25 deg. C or 20 microvolts, whichever is greater.
Adjustability:  Zero and span each are adjustable approx. +/-15% of span.
Response Time:  

Standard: Under 100 milliseconds. Option HS: Approximately 95% complete in 1 msec. Frequency response 3dB down at approx. 600Hz.

Isolation:  3-way (Power/Input/Output) 1,500Vac rms (2,100V peak).
Guaranteed Operating Temperature:  -10 to +60 deg. C (14 to 140 deg. F).
Temperature Stability:  +/-(0.02% of span plus 1.3 microvolts) per deg. C, or better.
Power Requirements:  AC, 115 or 230Vrms, 50/60Hz, 2.5V-A. DC, 12 or 24V, 2.5W.