FDT5000: DC Voltage Inputs, 1V or Greater
FDT5030: DC 4/20mA Input
FDT5060: DC Current Inputs (except 4/20mA)
FDT5070: DC Millivolt Inputs, less than 1V

  • NEMA 4X Splashproof Enclosure
  • 3-1/2 Digit Display

  • Input Ranges from 4mV to 250Volts, 1mA to 5 Amps

  • Nonstandard Ranges Available

  • Input/Output Isolation is Standard
  • Urethane-Coated Circuit Boards

  • AC or DC Power Options


Also see:
FDT5040: 4/20mA Input with Loop Excitation Supply

FDT5000 Series Field Mount Transmitters provide an isolated DC output proportional to a DC voltage or current input. They are useful for amplifying, reducing, scaling or offsetting signals, for eliminating ground loops and noise problems and for converting currents to voltages or vice-versa. The model numbers listed below reflect a variety of input choices but all share the same basic circuitry, features and specifications.

A rugged NEMA 4X splashproof, corrosion-resistant housing protects the transmitter in outdoor and industrial environments. The circuit boards are urethane coated for protection against condensation and contaminants. FDT5000 Series transmitters include a 3-1/2 digit user-rangeable display to provide local process indication in engineering units.

Model FDT5070 incorporates a low-drift amplifier for millivolt-level inputs. All models use stable, proven circuitry for accurate measurements under varying ambient conditions. Available options include AC and DC power choices and reverse-acting transmitter (decreasing output with increasing input).

For field mount transmitters without a display, select any plug-in transmitter module plus our ENCL-1 NEMA-4X enclosure.(see Accessories page)


Model Number:  

Select from the above list according to your input range. Add suffix A (for example, FDT5000A) for AC power, D for DC power.

Display: Specify display reading at low end and at full scale, including decimal point if required. See "Display Capabilities" specification, below. Note that reverse-acting display is possible – full scale reading downscale from low end. Display may be re-ranged by user.
Input Range: Specify any DC voltage or current range allowed by the “Input Capabilities” spec, below.
Output Range: Specify any DC voltage or current range allowed by the “Output Capabilities” spec, below.
Power: Specify 115Vac, 230Vac, 12Vdc or 24Vdc.
Reverse-Acting Transmitter(decreasing output with increasing input): Change last digit of the model number to 1 (for example, FDT5001A).
Loop-Powered Output: 4/20mA “current sink” output stage for connection to devices whose inputs provide 24Vdc loop excitation. Change the last digit of the model number to 2 (for example, FDT5002A).
Conduit Opening: Standard: None. The enclosure has knockouts. Option NPT: Single 1/2 inch NPT fitting (glass-fiber reinforced nylon) at the bottom of the housing.


Connections are made to 8 terminals within the enclosure:

1:  Input plus.
Input minus.
No connection
4:  No connection.
5:  Output plus.
6:  Output minus.
7:  Power (AC or, if DC power option, DC plus).
8:  Power (AC or, if DC power option, DC minus).


Input Capabilities, Model FDT5000:   1V minimum span, +/-250V maximum input. Offset ranges are allowed. (Input Impedance: 200kohms or greater).
Input Range, 
Model FDT5030: 
4/20mAdc. (62 ohms input resistance. 1.25V drop at full scale.)

Input Capabilities, Model FDT5060: 

1mA minimum span, +/-5 Amps maximum input. Offset ranges are allowed. (Input voltage drop typically 0.1V at full scale.)

Input Capabilities,
Model FDT5070:  

4mV minimum span, 1V maximum span (specify FDT5000 for spans greater than 1V.) Offset ranges are allowed. (Input Impedance: 200kohms or greater.)

Voltage Output Capabilities:  

1 volt minimum output span, -10 to +15V absolute limit. Offset ranges are allowed. Maximum output load, 10mA (1Kohm at 10V output).

Current Output Capabilities:  

1mA minimum output span, 0 to +25mA absolute limit. Positive offsets are allowed, negative outputs are not. Output drive capability, 24V (1,200 ohms max. at 20mA output).

Display Capabilities: 

Low end and full scale readings may be anywhere between -1999 and +1999 counts. A fixed decimal point may be added in any position. Minimum span (full scale minus low end) is 10 counts. Reverse-acting display is possible (full scale reading downscale from low end). Display may be re-ranged by user.

Accuracy(factory calibration):  

+/-0.1% of span or 10 microvolts, whichever is greater.


Zero and span each are adjustable approx. +/-15% of span.


+/-0.05% of span or better.

Response Time:  

Under 100 milliseconds.


3-way (Power/Input/Output) 1,500Vac rms (2,100V peak).

Guaranteed Operating Temperature:  

-10 to +60oC (14 to 140oF).

Temperature Stability:  

+/-(0.02% of span plus 1.3 microvolts) per oC, or better.

Power Requirements:  

AC, 115 or 230Vrms, 50/60Hz, 2.5V-A. DC, 12 or 24V, 2.5W.