FDT5140: A x B 
FDT5150: A/B

  • NEMA 4X Splashproof Enclosure 
  • 3-1/2 Digit Display 
  • Multiply or Divide Two DC Inputs 
  • Input and Output Ranges Need Not be the Same 
  • Input/Output Isolation Standard 
  • Urethane-Coated Circuit Boards 
  • AC or DC Power Options


Also see: 
FDT5110/FDT5120/FDT5130 for Add/Subtract functions 
FDT5160/FDT5170 for Square/Square Root functions 

FDT5140/FDT5150 Multiply/Divide Transmitters respond to the product or ratio of two DC inputs and provide a proportional, isolated DC output. A rugged NEMA 4X splashproof, corrosion-resistant housing protects the transmitter in outdoor and industrial environments. The circuit boards are urethane coated for protection against condensation and contaminants. FDT5000 Series transmitters include a 3-1/2 digit user-rangeable display to provide local process indication in engineering units.

Standard calibration calculates the inputs and outputs on a percent-of-span basis. For example, in an FDT5140 multiplying transmitter with 4/20mA inputs and a 0/10V output, when both inputs are at 12mA (50%) the output will be 2.5V (25%). The equation is: 0.5 x 0.5 = 0.25. Nonstandard calibrations are available, including dissimilar input ranges and input-to-output offsets. We also can, as a special, create the function, Output = (A x B)/C. Contact us with your requirements.

Available options include AC and DC power choices and reverse-acting transmitter (decreasing output with increasing input).

For field mount transmitters without a display, select any plug-in transmitter module plus our ENCL-1 NEMA-4X enclosure. (see Accessories page)


Model Number: 

Select from the list above according to your input function.


Specify display reading at low end and at full scale output, including decimal point if required. See "Display Capabilities" specification, below. Note that reverse-acting display is possible - full scale reading downscale from low end. Display may be re-ranged by user.


Add suffix A (for example, FDT5140A) for AC power, D for DC power. Specify 115Vac, 230Vac, 12Vdc or 24Vdc.

Input Range: 

Specify any DC voltage or current range allowed by the "Input Capabilities" spec, below.

Output Range: 

Specify any DC voltage or current range allowed by the "Output Capabilities" spec, below.

Reverse-Acting Transmitter (decreasing output with increasing input)

Change the last digit of the model number to 1 (for example, FDT5141A).

Loop-Powered Output: 

4/20mA "current sink" output stage for connection to devices whose inputs provide 24Vdc loop excitation. Change last digit of the model number to 2 (for example, FDT5142A).

Urethane Coating: 

Specify Option U.

Conduit Opening: 

Standard: None. The enclosure has knockouts. Option NPT: Single 1/2 inch NPT fitting (glass-fiber reinforced nylon) at the bottom of the housing.


Connections are made to 8 terminals within the enclosure:

1: Input A (positive). 
2: Input common (negative). 
3: Input B (positive). 
4: No connection. 
5: Output positive. 
6: Output negative. 
7: Power (AC or, if DC power option, DC plus). 
8: Power (AC or, if DC power option, DC minus).


Voltage Input Capabilities: 

100mV minimum span, +/-20V maximum input. Offset ranges are allowed. (Input Impedance: 200kohms or greater.)

Current Input Capabilities: 

1mA minimum span, +/-100mA maximum input. Offset ranges are allowed. (Input Resistance: Varies with input range. Contact factory for details. 62 ohms for 4/20mA input.)

Voltage Output Capabilities: 

1 volt minimum output span, -10 to +15V absolute limit. Offset ranges are allowed. Maximum output load, 10mA (1Kohm at 10V output).

Current Output Capabilities: 

1mA minimum output span, 0 to +25mA absolute limit. Positive offsets are allowed, negative outputs are not. Output drive capability, 24V (1,200 ohms max. at 20mA output).

Display Capabilities: 

Low end and full scale readings may be anywhere between -1999 and +1999 counts. A fixed decimal point may be added in any position. Minimum span (full scale minus low end) is 10 counts. Reverse-acting display is possible (full scale reading downscale from low end). Display may be re-ranged by user.

Accuracy (factory calibration)

+/-0.2% of span. (For divider, input B must be greater than 20% of span to achieve rated accuracy.)


Zero and span each are adjustable approx. +/-15% of span.

Response Time: 

Under 100 milliseconds.


3-way (Power/Input/Output) 1,500Vac rms (2,100V peak). (The inputs are not isolated from each other.)

Guaranteed Operating Temperature: 

-10 to +60˚C (14 to 140˚F).

Temperature Stability: 

+/-0.02% of span per ˚C, or better.

Power Requirements: 

AC, 115 or 230Vrms, 50/60Hz, 2.5V-A. DC, 12 or 24V, 2.5W.