Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Product Focus - Pulse Conditioner

´╗┐Full-featured Model JH2376 is the "big brother" to our low-cost JH376/JH377 pulse amplifier & converter (blog posting Oct 10, 2009). Fully isolated and capable of handling voltages from 20mV to 250Vrms (700V peak-to-peak) it serves applications ranging from tachometers and flow turbines to power and VFD (variable frequency drive) frequency monitoring. The input is safely isolated and converted to a 5V logic pulse output.
Adjustable sensitivity and optional filtering allow the user to tailor the unit for each application, optimizing sensitivity and frequency response versus noise rejection. DIN-rail mounted, the JH2376 is available with 115 and 230Vac power options.
Here's a link to the spec sheet: JH2376 Pulse Conditioner
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