For Tachometer & Turbine Meter Applications

    • Pulse Rates from DC to 20,000 Pulses per Second
    • Low Cost 2-Channel Design
    • Compact DIN-Rail Mount (34 channels per foot)
    • Jumper-Selectable Outputs: Open Collector or 5V Pulses
    • DC Power, 7 to 24Vdc
    • Full Replacement Warranty



Model JH376 is a compact, economical pulse amplifier for tachometers, turbine flowmeters and similar magnetic coil pickups. Input pulses are amplified and converted to either open-collector or logic-level output pulses, depending on your application. DC input coupling (no capacitor) permits operation down to zero Hz. Sensitivity adjustments, built-in hysteresis and input filtering minimize interference from noise pickup. Specifically designed for magnetic-coil pickups, the JH376 generally will not respond to TTL or other positive-only input pulses. For such applications see our companion product, Model JH377.

Two channels are included in the 0.7 inch (17.8mm) wide enclosure, providing densities of almost 3 channels per inch. DC power may be anywhere between 7 and 24 volts. A green LED indicates power. Because it is intended primarily for use with inherently-isolated magnetic pickups, no isolation is provided.


Model Number:  JH376
Specify Output Style:  Logic Pulse or Open Collector (field-changeable using jumpers).
Urethane Coating:  Specify Option U


Model JH376 snaps onto 35mm DIN rail. Connections are made to the terminals (as marked on case).

Connections to the 8 terminals are:
A:  Common
B:  Output 1.
C:  Common.
D:  Output 2.
E:  Input 2.
F:  Power.
G:  Input 1.
H:  Common.


Input Style:  DC coupled. Input must swing both plus & minus, no DC bias or offset.
Input Sensitivity Adjustments:  1-turn trimpots. At low frequencies full cw (max.) 20mV pk-pk, full ccw (min.) 200mV pk-pk.
Frequency Response:  0-20kHz. High frequency filtering compensates for increased tachometer output at higher frequencies. Typical sensitivity at max. setting: 10Hz - 20mV pk-pk, 100Hz - 22mV pk-pk, 1kHz - 60mV pk-pk, 10kHz - 800mV pk-pk, 20kHz - 2.2V pk-pk.
Open Collector Outputs:  NPN, 30V max. 40mA max. current. Max. "on" voltage drop at 40mA is 1 volt.  Output is OFF when input is HIGH.
Logic Pulse Outputs:  0/+5V logic pulse, 500 ohm or greater load. Output is LOW when input is HIGH.
Output Jumpers:  Circuit board jumpers select the output style. Snap off cover for access.
Power Requirements:  7Vdc min., 24Vdc max. 10mA quiescent current.
Operating Temperature:  -40 to +80˚C (-40 to +176˚F).
Dimensions:  2.47" high, 2.52" deep, 0.70" wide (63 x 64 x 18mm)